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I had the opportunity to work for Throughline Strategy, a healthcare consultancy agency with a unique focus on empathy. Their mission is to help improve health outcomes and experiences in a sustainable and profitable way by collaborating with individuals and organizations who share this vision.

My role at Throughline presented me with various challenges, particularly when I first started working during the COVID-19 lockdown. As the entire team had to suddenly shift to remote work and Zoom meetings, it was a time of quick adaptation and learning for all of us. But despite the challenges, it was a rewarding experience to be part of a team that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

Role: Design Strategist

Post COVID-19 Scenarios

I collaborated with the Throughline team and Astellas to create a deck envisioning the world in 2050 post-COVID. The deck explored potential scenarios, ranging from comforting to disconcerting, and required a realistic vision. My role involved designing visuals for the title page of each chapter, which proved challenging. I eventually landed on a collage-style effect, which gave me creative freedom without detracting from the seriousness of the content.

​COVID-19 Impact on
Specialist Behavior & Pathways

I worked alongside one of Throughline's managing partners who explained to me that the content of this deck delved into how the impact of COVID had a strong rippling effect throughout the world, not just having detrimental repercussions on the global economy and people's physical health, but also causing a massive increase in mental health issues.

Knowing the magnitude and seriousness of this subject, I had to think of a way to really portray this visually. I felt that using photography of the general public and healthcare workers in PPE was a strong image, as this had become the "new normal". I also tried to go for a gritty aesthetic with certain graphics and typography to stick with the brutal and harsh reality we were living in.

Throughline Strategy
Proposal Template Refresh

I led the redesign of Throughline Strategies' important proposal deck that they use to win over clients. The deck had to maintain the established collage-style visuals but also align with the company's empathy-based ethos. Instead of opting for the typical clean and minimal medical/healthcare graphics, I aimed for a realistic and tactile look by incorporating ink brush and paper textures into the collage-style design. Through bi-weekly Zoom meetings with managing partners and SVPs, I ensured the overall aesthetic and message aligned with the company's values.