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Role: Digital Designer

RAF Case Study

I worked on a case study that was a success story featuring Mark Wright, a former RAF member who completed a CIPD course through Avado. As a key member of the team, I was entrusted with the critical task of creating an engaging and visually compelling presentation of Mark's journey to inspire individuals from all walks of life to explore the many learning opportunities that Avado offers.

Product Strategy Video

The videography and motion graphics team collaborated to produce a captivating promotional video that showcased Avado's potential to leverage its current status and become a premier online academy. The project was a major undertaking that involved a significant contribution from the creative studio. As part of the team, I played a key role in crafting the post-production motion graphics that helped bring the video to life.

Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Social Media Posts

Custom Graphics

for Animations

Other Projects

I also had the pleasure of working on a diverse range of internal projects. Certain projects spanned from crafting engaging social media posts and impactful PowerPoint presentations to designing eye-catching certificates and captivating virtual backgrounds.

Avado is a distinguished professional academy that specializes in offering cutting-edge, interactive learning experiences in four key areas: data, marketing, people, and agility. They offer a range of high-quality apprenticeships, qualifications, workshops, and modules that are designed to build capabilities and help learners acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in their careers.

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