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At Avado, I had the privilege of working on some exciting projects for high-profile clients including Colgate. As the sole designer, I closely collaborated with their team to create a new digital boot camp programme that met their specific needs.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects related to Squared Online, a prestigious marketing course developed by Google and powered by Avado. Being a part of a team that was revolutionising digital education was an incredible experience that allowed me to make a meaningful contribution to the industry.

Google & Colgate

Role: Presentation & Digital Designer

Squared Online Presentations

During my time at Avado, I worked in collaboration with the marketing department to craft visually appealing presentations for Google Squared Online. The tight deadlines made the project challenging, but I successfully ensured that all designs were in compliance with the Google brand guidelines and presented the information in a captivating way.

Colgate Digital Acceleration Programme

As the sole designer for Avado's new client, Colgate, I developed a content deck template with the team. I led the project, ensuring that the final product was both visually appealing and highly functional. Our efforts paid off, as the template was well received by Colgate, leading to a permanent partnership with Avado.

Working on this project was a rewarding experience that helped me grow professionally. Seeing my work contribute to a significant milestone in Avado's business development was a great achievement that provided me with a sense of pride.

Scale Space Invite

When the Digital Acceleration Programme project concluded, the Avado team organised an award show to commemorate its success. My task was to design the digital invite that would be sent to the team. I approached this project with the aim of creating a design that was both informative and entertaining, so I infused a touch of humour into the design.

The end result was a digital invite that captured the attention of the team and conveyed the necessary information in a fun and engaging manner. The success of the project was reflected in the team's positive feedback and attendance at the award show. Working on this project allowed me to showcase my design skills in a way that was both effective and enjoyable for the target audience.