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Deloitte is a renowned brand that brings together thousands of skilled professionals from independent firms worldwide to provide exceptional audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and other related services to its esteemed clients.

At Deloitte, I had the opportunity to utilise my expertise in combining photography, imagery, charts, typography, and conceptual thinking, while also enjoying the freedom to propose, plan, design, and deliver a diverse range of pursuit collateral. This allowed me to create impactful materials that set the Deloitte brand apart from its competitors.


Role: Graphic Designer

Campus Recruitment Quick Facts Postcard

During my time collaborating with Deloitte teams across the country, we created a visually stunning recruitment postcard to attract soon-to-be graduates to join Deloitte.

The design was bold and engaging, featuring eye-catching statistics that showcased Deloitte's strengths and expertise. This postcard was distributed by teams of Deloitte representatives during university partnerships and other recruitment events.

Breakfast Series Backdrop

Deloitte's annual 'Breakfast Seminars' and events are held worldwide, covering various topics from annual tax changes to select group sessions for key executives.

I was fortunate to design one such event held in Vancouver, with a unique focus on the breakfast aspect of the seminar. The concept centred around the idea that a cup of coffee has become a vital part of the morning routine for many people in the corporate environment.

Open Banking Report

For this project, I was tasked with creating a report cover that reflected the emergence of fintech in Canada, as well as designing a report that had a simple and clean aesthetic with fintech-style imagery.

To capture the essence of the project, I focused on the theme of "What the framework for Canada Banks could look like in an open banking world." I wanted to create a design that was instantly recognizable and linked to Canada, so I experimented with different concepts that combined the iconic Canadian maple leaf with digital and data aesthetics. After several iterations, I arrived at a final design that effectively communicated the theme of the report and reflected the emerging fintech industry in Canada

Superhero Accolades

As part of the Market Intensity project assigned to me, I was tasked with creating concepts for awards to be presented to select staff members who had excelled in their field that year.

Taking inspiration from the superhero theme, I designed three different concepts based on specific comic styles.

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