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Founded in 2016, Oceanic Global has been leading the charge in ocean conservation as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. By inspiring the masses, they strive to raise awareness of the issues impacting our oceans and offer viable solutions to individuals and industries to create meaningful change.

What sets Oceanic Global apart is its innovative and creative approach to conservation, with immersive experiences designed to engage local communities, unite like-minded groups, and ignite worldwide action. Through these efforts, they aim to drive measurable impact and make a significant difference in protecting our precious oceans.

Oceanic Global

Role: Graphic Designer

The Ocean Standard Tulum Event

I produced a captivating looped video to serve as a stunning backdrop for Oceanic Global's Ocean Standard event, in partnership with Habitas Tulum in Mexico's enchanting Tulum.

The mesmerizing video was a key highlight of the event and helped to elevate the experience to the next level. You can learn more about this spectacular event by visiting the link here.

Gift Cards

To show appreciation to every donor who contributed to their important cause, Oceanic Global would send a certificate of donation via mail. I was tasked with designing a clean and aesthetically pleasing card that effectively conveyed the message of how the donation would be used.

Social Media Posts

The Oceanic Global team goes above and beyond to promote ocean conservation and create immersive experiences in collaboration with international cities and various partners.

Leveraging the power of social media, Oceanic Global raises awareness about the critical issue of plastic waste and its impact on our oceans. I collaborated with the marketing and design team to create compelling social media posts that effectively conveyed the message.

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