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Video & Motion Design

For a while now, I've been captivated by the artistic expression of video, cinema, and animation. Through creating video art pieces, I discovered the immense potential for creativity and artistic freedom within this medium.

Below, you'll find some self-initiated projects that I created to explore specific themes and visual styles that inspire me. These projects allowed me to challenge myself and expand my skills in motion design, video editing and shooting, sound design, and animation.

Colourised Memories

I embarked on a personal project to colourise old family photos, which was inspired by my fascination with reviving the memories of the past. As I completed a few of these colourisations, I thought it would be interesting to animate the photos to further bring them to life. The idea was to create an animated family photo album that would showcase the memories in a more dynamic way.

2 Screens

For the Free Range exhibition held at the Truman Brewery in East London, I created a video installation piece that aimed to push me creatively and logically while immersing the audience in their own interpretations of my work. The piece explored the idea of how the TV screen can be perceived as a gateway to an unlimited amount of information and moving images that are essentially shot at the viewer at rapid speeds. The installation also commented on the desensitization that can arise from this constant bombardment of visuals.

To demonstrate this concept, I set up two TVs at the exhibition. One TV played the video I created on a loop while the other TV had a camera fixed to the top that provided a live feed of the person viewing the video. This set up allowed the viewer to become the viewee and added an interactive element to the installation.

Interview with a synesthete

When I first discovered the neurological condition, synesthesia, I was captivated and eager to learn more about it. To delve deeper into this fascinating topic, I reached out to the UK Synesthesia Association, which led me to connect with Tim Layden, an American artist and teacher living in London who was born with chromesthesia, a form of synesthesia where sound triggers the experience of shapes and colours.

I arranged an interview with Tim, hoping to gain greater insight into this unique and intriguing condition, not only for my own understanding but also to share with others who are similarly fascinated by synesthesia.

Goin' 2 Chicago

This is a music video I created for the song 'Goin' 2 Chicago' by Weekend Express. As a lover of the 80s/90s retro aesthetic and multimedia art, I incorporated elements from that era into the video. The video features shots of vintage Nintendo and classic 80s films, bringing back the nostalgic feel of that era.

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