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I take pleasure in producing abstract and humorous collages for my own enjoyment, as they offer a great deal of creative freedom. In my opinion, the design and art industry can be quite self-important at times, so I make a conscious effort to remember that art does not always require a purpose or function, and can simply exist for the sake of itself.



Hello! For unique and offbeat designs, check out my Instagram @jackburden_design. It's a mix of fresh and unconventional content. No telling what you might find, but it's sure to be interesting. Join in for a bit of creativity on your feed!

Body Talk Zine Issue One

The Body Talk zine is a collaborative project involving various artists who shared their personal experiences with mental health struggles and negative body image through their artwork. I was fortunate enough to contribute to this project after reaching out to its creator, designer Sudeeksha Somani. The zine was published both digitally and in print and has since gained a growing audience on social media.

In addition to my contribution to the zine, I was also given the opportunity to take over the Body Talk Instagram page for a day, where I engaged with individuals who shared their own struggles with mental health and how art and design have helped them. I am proud to have been a part of such a meaningful project that aims to break down stigmas surrounding mental health and promote positive body image.

Body Talk site | Body Talk Instagram

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